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Hilltop Church | Day 19
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Day 19

Matthew Chapter 19

Daily thought to go along with each day’s reading.

Friday, July 6th


Matthew Chapter 19

Daily Thought

The Fourth of July seems to be a time when family gathers together across America. It reminds me how around Christmastime, we hear a lot of emphasis on the family. Spending time with family and enjoying each other becomes, in some cases, the focus—rather than what Christmas actually is.

When I started understanding what it really means to be a Christian, I knew that it would require sacrifice. I was ready to sacrifice time, money, and possessions for the Kingdom. But it seems counterintuitive and even upsetting that Jesus would tell His followers that they should give up their families for the sake of the Kingdom. If we still lived in Eden, it wouldn’t be a problem. But now we’ve been tasked with co-working with God to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That mission must take precedence over everything in our lives, even when it hurts our hearts.

For me, that means following God’s call to international missions despite the consequence of leaving all of my family behind. None are believers, and they don’t know why I want to do what I do. When I think about leaving them, I don’t feel noble and brave… I feel heartbroken. But this is what Christ meant when He said that His message would divide families, and I must choose His way over my feelings.

What have you been called to sacrifice? Is there something that’s so sacred to you that you won’t let God touch it? He can come so far… but no further? Release it all and trust that His way IS the way. Your reward will be waiting.

Draw near to God during the week with our “thought for the day”based on each day’s readings.

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