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Hilltop Church | Day 30
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Day 30

Mark Chapter 2

Daily thought to go along with each day’s reading.

Tuesday, July 17th


Mark Chapter 2

Daily Thought

Jesus is coming home.  That is, he is coming back to Capernaum.  Capernaum has become the home base for Jesus’ ministry.  He has been preaching and healing throughout the Galilee.  Jesus would need this time to rest and refresh, but the word gets out that Jesus is back in town.  Before long, the house where he is staying (most likely Peter’s home) is overflowing with a large crowd.  Jesus, although he was tired from his journey, preaches the word to them.

Simultaneously, a paralytic heard the news that Jesus was in town.  The paralytic, however, cannot get to Jesus. He is bound to his mat.  He cannot move – he is indeed paralyzed. This man reminds me of people all around us today.  They cannot move toward Jesus on their own – they are paralyzed – addictions, troubles, fears, and sins have them bound.  This man, however, had friends who cared about him. Four of them came, determined to get him to Jesus. The crowd could not discourage them even though they could not get into the house.  The arduous climb up to the roof did not dishearten them. Although it involved time and hard labor to dig up the sunbaked mud roof, they would not be dissuaded – they would get their friend to Jesus.  Finally, and it took the effort of all four, they gently let their friend down through the roof at the feet of Jesus. Jesus looked up, saw their determined faith, and said, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”  Jesus ends up proving to the religious crowd that he has authority on earth to forgive sins by healing the man. The greatest miracle here, however, is not that the man walked, but rather that his heart was set free to dance because he was forgiven!

Do you know someone today that needs Jesus? Find a prayer partner and determine that you will not stop praying until that person finds help at the feet of Jesus.  Be ready to be amazed – Jesus sees your faith!

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