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Hilltop Church | Day 38
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Day 38

Mark Chapter 10

Daily thought to go along with each day’s reading.

Wednesday, July 25th


Mark Chapter 10

Daily Thought

We are discovering that the closer Jesus gets to the cross, the more opposition he meets. In this chapter, we can see how Jesus sets right what the fall in the garden has marred. We encounter the Pharisees asking Jesus about divorce. God created marriage – it is to be the union of two distinct individuals – male and female. Divorce is a result of alienation, an effect of the fall. When the King reigns – no one can dismantle the harmony God originally gave.

Children are not afraid to come to Jesus. Adults have that fear. It was not always this way. Adam and Eve enjoyed rich fellowship with God – until – the fall. They then were “afraid” of the presence of God. Jesus turns this fear on its head and tells us to come like little children and receive the kingdom. Notice how he holds the children in his arms and blesses them – they are not afraid. In the kingdom, perfect love from Jesus casts out all our fears.

Although Matthew and Luke both record the story about the rich young man, only Mark observes that “Jesus … loved him” (Mark 10:17). He could have followed Jesus and had treasure in heaven, but the effects of the fall called “idolatry” and “greed” robbed him of eternal life. The disciples are concerned that no one can be saved because all people are born with this bent. Jesus assures them, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God” (Mark 10:27). The work of the Holy Spirit dethrones self and enthrones Christ.

Blindness was not a part of the original creation, but with the fall came all manner of disease. Blind Bartimaeus spent his life begging alongside the walls of Jericho – until – Jesus, who is the very presence of the kingdom, came breaking in against his darkness. Bartimaeus left his old rags and followed Jesus!

As a child of God, the presence of Jesus nullifies the effects of the fall – why walk in them any longer?

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