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Hilltop Church | Day 44
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Day 44

Mark Chapter 16

Daily thought to go along with each day’s reading.

Tuesday, July 31st


Mark Chapter 16

Daily Thought

“…He has risen; he is not here…” (Mark 16:6) – The memory will forever be etched on my heart.    I had anticipated the moment for a long time. Having the opportunity to step foot into the empty tomb; I could not wait for the celebration. It was, however, anti-climactic.  Our group had just finished communion in the garden during which the presence of God was so tangible. The moment I went into the tomb and saw the place where Jesus would have been laid, it was as though the presence of God was lifted.   It was not a celebration; it was more like death itself. The minute I ascended back out of the tomb, however, the presence of God burst forth upon me. It was at that point that God reminded me that the reason I did not experience the celebration in the tomb was that Jesus was not there, he had risen.  I had believed that truth for many years; now, I had experienced it for myself. Like the women who came to anoint Jesus on that first Sabbath, we are assured that Jesus is not in a borrowed tomb; he has risen! He is with us!

“…his disciples and Peter…” (Mark 16:7) – Mark is the only gospel writer that records this emphasis  “and Peter”  Why did the young man in white add this to his instructions?  What is so significant about this statement? We can only imagine what must have taken place in Peter’s heart when he heard these words.  After all, Peter had failed his Lord miserably. He had vowed that he would not deny Christ, even if he had to die with him. He had denied him, even calling a curse down upon himself.  How could he face Jesus? Yes, he had wept and repented, but how could the Lord ever use him now. It was as though Jesus wanted Peter to know he still loved him, and he was still going to make a “rock” out him. And that is exactly what Jesus did.  We have all failed our Lord, but he has never given up on us!

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