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Hilltop Church | Hilltop 2×2
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Hilltop 2×2

Weekly Question & Challange

Group questions to encourage you on your journey.

Sunday, January 21


Acts 10:1-4


What characteristics revealed Cornelius and his family’s faith in the God of the Jews? What are some characteristics that reveal you and your family’s faith?


What characteristic do you most need to grow in and what would that look like?


A memorial is something that enables someone to remember. What are some things you can do to help your family remember God; that He sees and thinks of what we do or don’t do for Him?

Looking to Join a 2×2 Group?

Hilltop 2×2 groups consist of 2-4 people who team up with other Christians for a weekly gathering around a spiritual conversation provided by Pastor Ben.


Prayerfully consider who you might want to pair with and sign up in the Atrium at the Connect Table on Sunday, or contact Kristin Korotney (248-348-7600 or and she can pair you up.