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Hilltop 2×2

Weekly Question & Challenge

Group questions to encourage you on your journey.

Sunday, July 15th


Matthew 6:1-4


As we learned in the sermon today, we give to God because he has graciously given to us first. We also learned that our giving does not consist only in a monetary sense, it also involves our time and our love. Ask yourself if your heart is so filled with the love for God that nothing is too great for him to ask of you.


Is there some fear or something else that hinders your giving to God and others? Pray for each other that you might be like the Thessalonians, who first gave themselves totally to God and then their heart was free to give to others.


Pastor Chelsea challenged us to take one of the “Acts of Love” cards. Discuss how you followed through with this deed of kindness and how God used it in your life and the life of someone else.

Looking to Join a 2×2 Group?

Hilltop 2×2 groups consist of 2-4 people who team up with other Christians for a weekly gathering around a spiritual conversation provided by Pastor Ben.


Prayerfully consider starting a 2×2 group with those you know.  Contact Troy Ogle (248-348-7600 or to register your group.