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Hilltop Church | Hilltop 2×2
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Hilltop 2×2

Weekly Question & Challenge

Group questions to encourage you on your journey.

Sunday, January 20th


1 Timothy 6:17-19


What are two temptations that Paul mentions for those who are rich in this present world?


According to this passage, how can Christians lay up treasure for themselves in the age to come?


Paul talks about taking hold of that which is truly life. What is the counterfeit?


Discuss anything that may be holding you back from being more generous and willing to share. Pray for each other to have a steadfast willing spirit in God’s will.

Looking to Join a 2×2 Group?


Hilltop 2×2 groups consist of 2-4 people who team up with other Christians for a weekly gathering around a spiritual conversation provided by Pastor Ben.


Prayerfully consider starting a 2×2 group with those you know.  Contact Troy Ogle (248-348-7600 or to register your group.

Family 2 x 2

Great conversation starters to use with your family!

Our Children’s curriculum lines up with the weekly message received during our Worship Service. The Family 2 x 2 helps you discuss each week’s message with your children.

Sunday, January 13th


Proverbs 31: Proverbs 31 lays out an ideal map for the character of a mother and woman of God.


Why is a mom’s role in the home so important?


What are some ways kids can help their mom to do the job God calls her to do?


Look for little ways to honor your mother this week. Maybe it’s putting your shoes away or brushing your teeth without complaining.