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Hilltop Church | Hilltop 2×2
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Hilltop 2×2

Weekly Question & Challenge

Group questions to encourage you on your journey.

Sunday, March 24th


John 5:1-17


Is there anyone or anything in your life that you’re at least tempted to look to and wait on, other than Jesus and His people, that you think will make you whole?


The religious people cared more about their tradition than they did the well-being of this man. What circumstances have you seen or experienced where people seem to care more about their traditions than people’s well-being?


Discuss an area in your life where you’re feeling Jesus is calling you to take action to do something you know you can’t do in your own strength. What excuses have you been making for yourself? Discuss action steps you’re going to take to be obedient in the coming month.

Looking to Join a 2×2 Group?


Hilltop 2×2 groups consist of 2-4 people who team up for a weekly gathering around a spiritual conversation provided by Pastor Ben.


Prayerfully consider starting a 2×2 group with those you know.  Contact Pastor Ben Walls (248-348-7600 or to register your group.