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Compassion Sunday
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Compassion Sunday

Releasing Children From Poverty In Jesus’ Name

This Sunday at our 10:30 am service, we close out Faith Promise month focusing on Compassion International and our partnership to provide safety and security to pregnant mothers and their newborns in San Juan through the Compassion Survival program. Your generous support allows 15 mothers and their infants to thrive under the personal care of trained Survival Specialists. Compassion Survival serves pregnant mothers in poverty, supporting them through pregnancy and birth, and helping their babies reach their crucial first birthdays – a significant obstacle in developing communities. Mothers and infants in the Survival program benefit from immunizations, prenatal/postnatal care, skilled birth attendants and much more. As babies reach their first birthdays and transition to the Child Sponsorship Program, additional mothers join the Survival program over the course of the year.

We plan on extending our support to 15 more
mothers and infants who participate in Compassion Survival at Iglesia Visionaria Hebreos 11. The church is located in a small community of 32,000 residents in Santo Domingo. The average household income for families in this community is $204 per month. Common health problems include respiratory diseases and gastrointestinal infections. Mothers and infants living in areas of extreme poverty face multiple challenges to their health and survival. With the help of generous partners like you, our efforts are providing lifesaving care and improving the lives of thousands of mothers and their babies in need. A gift of $14,288.75 will fully fund Survival programming for 15 mothers and babies at Iglesia Visionaria Hebreos 11 over the course of one year.


Through Compassion International, you can change the life of a child living in poverty. For a minimal monthly amount, you can provide food, clothing, education, and build a forever friendship.


We ask that you prayerfully consider joining us in this effort to fight poverty, sponsor children, and spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the poorest of the poor.


To sponsor a child, visit:


To partner with us by supporting Faith Promise which funds missions locally and around the world, go to and choose”Faith Promise / Missions” from the drop-down menu. Come, be a part of reaching out to those who are waiting for God’s impactful touch on their lives!


Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belong the kingdom of God.” – Jesus