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Day 61
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Day 61

Luke Chapter 17

Daily thought to go along with each day’s reading.

Friday, August 17th


Luke Chapter 17

Daily Thought

In Luke 17, Jesus says something powerful—but so briefly that we might miss it. In verses 20 & 21, the Pharisees ask Jesus details about the coming of the Kingdom of God. They want specifics. If the Kingdom is coming, how can we plan to be prepared for it? What date should they circle in their calendar? But Jesus says that they shouldn’t just prepare for the day that it comes as though it’s a singular event. He says that the Kingdom is here now.

Some days it can feel like this life is just a waiting room for the next. While we should always hold onto the hope and joy we get from knowing that this world is not our final home, we should live out our short lives here on earth with focused determination to be a part of God’s Kingdom right now.

Don’t live as though Jesus is coming back tomorrow. Live as you would if Jesus were already here. Be part of what He meant when He asked the Father to let His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven.

Draw near to God during the week with our “thought for the day” based on each day’s readings.

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