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Day 64
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Day 64

Luke Chapter 20

Daily thought to go along with each day’s reading.

Monday, August 20th


Luke Chapter 20

Daily Thought

In Luke chapter 20, we learn that many people will look for reasons to avoid accepting Jesus as their Messiah and Lord. Despite Jesus many miraculous signs, His perfect love, and His powerful teachings, the religious leaders continually refused to accept Him. They viewed Jesus as a threat to their influence, their power, and their financial state. They didn’t want to consider what life under His care and direction would mean. They wanted what they knew and God Himself in the flesh before them wasn’t going to get in the way of their will being done.

What can we learn from this as Christians? Jesus teaches His disciples throughout the Gospels to go into the world and preach His message. However, He also says, don’t waste your time on those who won’t receive you. If Jesus incarnate couldn’t convince everyone that He was Messiah and Lord, neither can we. It’s our jobs to share what Christ has done for us as opportunities present themselves. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to take our witness and make it effective to the truly open heart. If a heart is not open, don’t grow overly discouraged. Pray for that person and then continue in your witness to others until you find hearts that are open.

May we all be considered worthy to attain to the age where righteousness will rule on the earth through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Draw near to God during the week with our “thought for the day” based on each day’s readings.

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