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Day 65
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Day 65

Luke Chapter 21

Daily thought to go along with each day’s reading.

Tuesday, August 21st


Luke Chapter 21

Daily Thought

In the passage before us today, Jesus is speaking both about the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, and about the end of time, when Jesus will return.  His instructs his disciples how they are to live in light of these two inevitabilities.  He warned them that there would be persecution, prosecution, wars, earthquakes, and upheaval of the oceans.  Because of these things, humankind will become overwhelmed with fear and perplexity.  Does this not define the condition of our world today?  There is great fear of the future.  In fact, the surveys show that the primary concern on the hearts of the younger generation is that they will even have a future at all.  Their hearts are indeed filled with perplexity.

Jesus tells us in the midst of all this upheaval, we are to be his witnesses.  We are not to worry about what we are going to say, even if persecution does come to our shores.  He promised that he would give us the wisdom to know what to say.   He told us as his disciples that we were to watch, stay awake, and always be praying.  In those three words, we understand that Jesus is telling us to be intentional concerning our walk with God.  Stay awake spiritually!  Do not let anything weigh your heart down. We must realize that this world seeks to anesthetize themselves against the reality of their own mortality and accountability before God with activities, entertainment, and all manner of sin.  As believers, we cannot allow any of the world’s anesthetics to dull our hearts.  The greatest anecdote to this is prayer.  Let us constantly be closing the door and getting alone with God.  Let us be in his presence daily. Allow the Spirit of God to fill us with fresh grace and power every day.  The world will be surprised when Jesus comes; as believers, we will not.  We live each day communing with him and anticipating the moment when he returns! Maranatha!

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