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Faith Promise
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Faith Promise Kick-off Breakfast

Saturday, March 14 | 9:00 AM

Join us for breakfast on Saturday, March 14, as we launch Faith Promise 2020 with guest speakers Friday and Mary Ganda who are veteran missionaries in Africa. They will be sharing how they have risked their lives for the cause of the Gospel, as well as the exciting ways that God is building His kingdom in Africa.
Childcare will be provided.

To RSVP or sign up for childcare email the office at


Location | Orchard Room


What is Faith Promise? A Faith Promise is a FAITH commitment between you and God to give above and beyond your tithe to the local church. In His covenant with Abraham, God said that through Abraham’s descendants, ‘All peoples of the earth would be blessed.’ (Genesis 12:3). Faith Promise funds allow us to provide not only for the World Evangelism Fund which gives missionaries a salary, health care, and housing while they serve, but also allows us to meet local needs as well. This year we’re looking to partner with a local school to help at-risk kids with food for the weekend, reading and mentoring. We’re also working at teaming up with a non-profit organization to help pay off medical debt. Thank you for partnering with Christ via Hilltop Church in ministering to both local and international needs.