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Merge Week 4
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Break Trail

Week 4 Conversation


Jesus gives us a mission.


John 21:1-3, 15-17; Matthew 28:16-20; Acts 9:1-20; I Peter 2:21


  • What’s your favorite story about a secret mission? If you could be part of that mission, what would your role be?
  • In your own words, what do you think Jesus’ mission was when He was on earth?
  • What is the mission Jesus gave us?
  • How is our role in our mission different from Jesus’ role? How is it the same?
  • If we choose not to participate in the mission Jesus gave us, what would we be missing out on?
  • Who are some of the people who have helped you get to know Jesus? How did they do that?
  • What’s one thing you can do to help someone else know Jesus better?
  • Read I Peter 2:21. How might following in Jesus’ footsteps sometimes get uncomfortable?
  • What’s the biggest thing holding you back from fully embracing Jesus’ mission?
  • If it’s true Jesus has given you a mission, what’s one thing you can do this week to respond to that truth?