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Week 1
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Week 1 Conversation


Big difficulties can inspire God-sized goals.


Nehemiah 1:1-2:5; Mark 16:15


  • What’s your New Year’s resolution?
  • What’s one goal you set but never accomplished? Why did your goal get side-tracked?
  • Which is most difficult for you: setting goals or achieving your goals? What’s difficult about it?
  • What was Nehemiah’s goal and why was it so important to him?
  • How do you think prayer could help you set or achieve your goals?
  • What are some examples of goals that benefit people other than ourselves?
  • Read Mark 16:15. What “God-sized goal” does Jesus give us? What problems or difficulties are fixed when this goal is achieved?
  • What’s one “you-sized” goal you want to accomplish? What difficulties have inspired that goal?
  • Do you have a “God-sized” goal you want to accomplish? What is it and what difficulties have inspired that goal?
  • How can our group help you set or achieve a goal this week?