Find Community
Week 1
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Going Places

Week 1 Conversation


Friends don’t miss a chance to care for each other.


Matthew 14:13–21; Luke 6:31–32


  • If you could take a road trip with your friends, where would you go and who would be with you?
  • Are you the one who organizes what your friends do together? Or are you more of the “whatever the group wants to do” type? Why do you think you take on the role you do?
  • When was the last time you saw a friend with a need and asked them how you could help them? What did helping them look like?
  • What surprised you in the story of Jesus feeding the crowd?
  • Who do you most identify with in Mathew 14:13–21? Why?
  • What questions do you have about Jesus’ call to love people who don’t love us back? What would it look like for you to do that this week?
  • What can you do to remind yourself to pay attention to the needs of your friends this week?
  • If you notice a friend with a big need, what steps could you take to help them connect to better help than you can offer?
  • Do you struggle to notice your friends’ needs? What are a few things you could do to grow in this area?
  • Read Hebrews 13:16. What step will you take this week to ensure you don’t miss a chance to care for your friends?