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Week 1
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With You

Week 1 Conversation


Be with people when they’re grieving.


Job 2:11-13, 16:2; Psalm 34:18; Romans 8:28


  • In 10 seconds or less, try to name every emotion you’ve felt so far today.
  • How good do you think you are reading other people’s emotions? Explain!
  • How could someone get better at understanding other people’s emotions?
  • Have you ever felt awkward around someone who was experiencing a big emotion like grief? Why were you uncomfortable?
  • What are some reasons a person might experience grief?
  • When Job was grieving, what did his friends do that was helpful? What did they do that wasn’t helpful?
  • Read Romans 8:28. Even though this verse is true, why is it not the most helpful verse to quote to someone who’s grieving? What’s a verse you could share instead?
  • When someone is grieving, what does God do? What does God invite us to do?
  • When someone is grieving, how could the response of Jesus-followers help or hurt their faith?
  • Who do you know who is grieving right now? What’s one thing you can do to be “with” them?