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Fall 2020 Update

The Women of the Word (WOW) Council has made the difficult decision to postpone the start of Bible Study until January 2021.  This decision was made after much prayer and discussion in order to respect the safety of participants as well as their family members.


If you are interested in connecting with other women within a small group, please contact Agnes Henderson through email at or by phone at 248-760-3940.  When we receive your address your name will be added to one of our small groups, and we will mail you a booklet entitled “The Red Pencil Story,” written by Shari Minke, one of our Bible Study teachers.  Each Monday your small group leader will email you a selected scripture portion from one of the four gospels.


Using a red pencil as Shari suggested in her story, we encourage you to highlight all the words of Jesus within that scripture passage.  We ask you to then answer the following three questions:


    1. What does God’s Word say? (List the facts)
    2. What does God’s word mean? (Learn the lessons)
    3. What does God’s Word mean to me and what will I do to live it out? (Listen to His voice)


When your answers are complete, we encourage you to email your comments by Friday of each week sending “reply all” with what you feel comfortable sharing with the other ladies in your small group. This will provide a weekly opportunity to learn  from each other and as we grow through God’s Word.


If you have any questions please contact Agnes Henderson at 248-760-3940.