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Eagles on the Hilltop
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Eagles on the Hilltop


Eagles on the Hilltop, in partnership with Lanigan Elementary School, aims to empower tomorrow’s leaders to be seen, heard, and make a significant difference today.

For three hours each Saturday, over the course of (12) weeks, we encourage students in grades kindergarten – fifth grade to get off electronics and learn more about themselves, their classmates, and their community through STEM, Reading Enrichment, and Life Skills / Physical Activity stations.

During meal time (breakfast and lunch), we’re listening to what interests them, what excites them, and sometimes what concerns them. This is a great time to create new friendships and help the students grow in confidence.


Who it impacts and why it matters

Eagles on the Hilltop impacts everyone involved.


The students are impacted by the love, care, and attention that are shown to them week in and week out. Our mentor-to-student ratio is often 1:1, creating a unique experience for each student.


The mentors are impacted as they get to serve the next generation; encouraging them to learn new skills and step out of their comfort zone. The mentors also find a sense of belonging within this community. *Mentors work on a rotating basis – they volunteer every other week (Team A, Team B).


The families of the students are impacted as this program provides a “wrap-around service.” School and community coming together to help support the families with added learning, nutritional support, and engaging activities.


The teachers are impacted as their students create new friendships within the program that translate to the classroom. Teachers see their students growing in confidence and show an increased eagerness to learn.


1 – $10,000
2 – $5,000
2 – $2,500
5 – $1,000

Your gifts have a huge impact on the next generation.


Transportation is often a barrier to many of our students getting to participate each week. We’re looking for a 12-15 passenger van that would give families the opportunity to have their scholar picked up and dropped off each day.


Volunteering for Eagles on the Hilltop is an incredibly rewarding experience. You’ll get the chance to positively impact young lives, inspire their potential, and help them navigate the path to success with guidance and support.

Future Goals for a Bigger Impact

In the coming years, we’re looking to:

  • Increase funding, which would allow us to increase the number of children served (currently serving 14 students per (12) week session).
  • Purchase either another van, or a larger vehicle, in order to transport more students.
  • Increase our volunteer base to serve more children.
  • Fund the entire program via financial donations and donations from local businesses (i.e. restaurants for meals).
  • Secure supply donations via the Eagles on the Hilltop Amazon wish list.


How much does the program cost?

This program is free for Eagles on the Hilltop participants, but currently costs $1,500 per student to run. 

Who are the volunteers?

Professionals, teens from Hilltop youth group, retirees

How can I get my child involved?

Express your interest in the program via the school office

What else is Hilltop doing to support this community and these families?

Wrap around services, Christmas meals and gifts, Thanksgiving meals, Harvest Fest, Egg Scramble, etc.

How can I support from the Eagles on the Hilltop?

You can support Eagles on the Hilltop by giving, volunteering, or even by donating a vehicle. 

Is it safe?

Yes! All mentors are thoroughly vetted via background checks. Rules are in place during the program – all mentors work in teams. Though the ratio is stated 1:1, that is for activity time in a room full of others. No mentors are allowed to be alone with a student at any time. The security team is also on site each week.

What can a child expect?

No electronics, engaging activities that promote learning – without them realizing it ;), nutritional meals, a warm and loving environment