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Hilltop Church | Senior Adults
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Senior Adults

Rich Tradition & Biblical Teaching

We have a heart for our Seniors, and the joy they bring.

Senior adults are vibrant and vital part of the church and the community and that’s why we offer a range of opportunities to meet the needs of maturing adults.

Traditional Service, Sunday 6:00 PM

Every Sunday night we offer a smaller service to study God’s Word, sing traditional hymns, and make meaningful friendships.

Bible Study, Sunday 9:15 AM

The Voyager ABF seeks to study God’s Word together in order to gain an ever deepening knowledge of the character and attributes of our Lord. We look for and discuss scriptural principles to apply to our own lives and to share with others. We are a group that welcomes persons of any age and presently our class represents ages 55 and beyond.


Leader: Diana Istvan
Room: Orchard Room