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Hilltop 2×2

Weekly Questions & Challenge

Group questions to encourage you on your journey.

Sunday, June  28th


Genesis 22:1-14


What promise had Abraham received from God regarding Isaac that he could cling to through this extreme test? (See Genesis 15:5-6) What Scriptures do you hold onto through times of trials and testing?


As Abraham was looking at Isaac, what compelled him to say, ‘God will provide?’ How does God’s provision in this story point ahead to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? How should God’s provision of His Son comfort us when we face difficult trials and decisions?


Share with one another any experience where you had to obey God before seeing His provision. Is there anything God’s calling you to do that you are scared to obey? Pray for each other.

Looking to Join a 2×2 Group?


Hilltop 2×2 groups consist of 2-4 people who team up for a weekly gathering around a spiritual conversation provided by Pastor Ben.


Prayerfully consider starting a 2×2 group with those you know.  Contact Pastor Ben Walls (248-348-7600 or to register your group.