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Merge Week 3
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Week 3 Conversation


God can use your story to help others see.


Acts 3:1-11; I John 5:10-11; Psalm 105:1-4


  • Tell us a story about yourself we’ve never heard before!
  • When do you find it easy to talk about yourself? When is it difficult?
  • Why do you think it’s so difficult to talk about our faith sometimes?
  • Have you ever tried to have a conversation about faith that went poorly? What happened? How could that conversation have gone more smoothly?
  • Outside of church, how often do you talk about faith? Who do you talk to and what do you talk about?
  • If someone isn’t sure what they believe about God, do you think they still have a story to share that could help others? Why or why not?
  • What are some ways sharing our stories can help others see the truth of Jesus?
  • When do you think it might be helpful to share your “big story” of faith with someone? When do you think it might be helpful to share some of your “small stories” of faith?
  • Read Psalm 105:1-4. What’s something God has done for you recently that you could share with others?
  • This week, what part of your story could you share outside of this group? Who could you share it with?